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Thread: Report problems !!please help!!

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    Default Report problems !!please help!!

    We print our invoices out of a5v8 and i am having an issue with missing sections. Our invoices are three copies of the same information. customer copy,salesman, our copy. each copy is an almost identical report except for the report footer.
    The problems is that one one copy (not always the same version) is missing the total lines (this is not every time 1 in 20). there are also weird things happening to the size and fonts of some section to an occasional version of an invoice.
    If this problem happened every time i could fix it but if i rerun the same invoice it comes out perfect.

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    Default Re: Report problems !!please help!!

    Are you using the latest updated version of A5?
    Try to update A5 and try that report again.
    Check the margins of report, font size, logos or any objects on your report.
    Try to reproduce the same problem by making a new report based on the same table or set...if you can't get the same problem, then just delete existing report and make a new one.
    Hope this helps...

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