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Thread: How to create a report on customer who have not ordered

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    Default How to create a report on customer who have not ordered

    How to create a report on customers who have not ordered in 60 days, 6 months, 1 year 1.5 years, and 2 years. I worked once with an older version of qreport builder a few years ago and remembered a tutorial on this but I can't seem to locate it in the updated web site. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: How to create a report on customer who have not ordered


    Have you looked at the sample reports? There are a couple of them dealing with no invoices or no sales. They are included as part of the default project.

    You'll need to add the appropriate filter to get the data that you need.

    ie, customers with no sales at all, or customers with sales that have ordered in a number of days - or both.

    I'm not sure of what product you are talking about from a few years ago. QReportBuilder has been out less than 1 year.
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