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Thread: Displaying two rows of data in one row on report

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    Default Displaying two rows of data in one row on report

    I have an invoice in QB that has multiple line items. There are two lines using the same item that have different dollar amounts. I want to be able to get a report that shows one line per unique item, and has two columns showing the amounts for the those items. I've attached a sample invoice to show how it's stored in QB.

    This is the information that I need:
    Name		Gross Amount	Agent Amount	Payable
    USD:MM3		2880.00		120.00		2760.00
    USD:AI7		1665.00		135.00		1530.00
    The Gross amount is equal to the first MM3 item (an underwriter type) plus the second MM3 item (the Commission type). Agent Amount is the value of the second MM3 item by itself and the Payable is the first item by itself.

    I don't know of a way to pull the information from QB that will give me two item rows into one. Any help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Displaying two rows of data in one row on report

    You can combine the 2 rows into one row, by sorting on the invoice + item and having a group footer instead of a detail region.

    In the group footer, you can use the drop down wizard to choose a value from one of the 2 records.
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