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    I have two text box and a submmit button in a5w page, not a component. i want to store the values into database on click of submit button. how to get the submit event. iam writing my sql codes in xbasic.
    Sanjay Kampurath :)

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    Sanjay - I'd like to suggest that you spend some time with the various teaching videos along with the tutorials that come with Alpha Five. I think you'll save yourself a lot of time and trouble, and have a much better understanding of how to create the things you want with Alpha Five.

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    It sounds like you're just creating a straight HTML form.

    You may find this useful:

    Scroll down and you'll see a Submit button example. Pay attention to the action attribute of the form tag - typically this is the page where you would process the contents of your form fields.

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    You neeed to go through form action and use xbasic to write sql script on your a5w page. now when u click submit button , using form action, redirect to a5w page that got sql query.
    follow Rick advice to explore more about form action in HTML


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