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Thread: Custom control

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    Default Custom control

    How to address the custom control field to store the data into database.

    for example:

    In a custom control, i have drop down and textbox, how can i address this fields in my form validate?

    Thanks for any help
    Sanjay Kampurath :)

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    As Steve suggested in the other thread you started, go here to watch the video tutorials:

    Watch the Web Based Contact Manager: Part 1 & 2, and adding PDF Reports to Web applications as well the clips under Web Application features. They will be a big help in understanding how the components work.

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    did u tried to give different name to custom control??, i fnot please try that and try to directly insert into database. If that also not working. you have to try think in other way and try to change the custom control, because in this alpha five these small things even we feel difficult to do
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