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Thread: Trial has expired

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    Default Trial has expired

    My beta trial period expired, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the beta, but it must keep some date in the registry. I don't have the courage to go poking around in there, so what is the secret to extending the trial period?

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    Default Re: Trial has expired

    If known is publication here wise? Suggest you contact Richard Rabins or customer service at Alpha.

    -- tom

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    Default Re: Trial has expired

    I have the same problem, or rather will do soon - I have been doing some work on existing projects using V9, since that was the only way I had time to actually test V9 this month.

    I am not using any of the new XBasic functions and the Javascript can always be copied across, but each WAS page published with the beta has code in it to stop them from working as soon as the trial expires - we CANNOT have this show up and break all our sites as soon as the demo expires! (The demo is the desktop version)

    We will be uprading ASAP but V9 won't be out until AFTER the demo expires... I know all I have to do is re-publish with V8 but I don't want to accidentally miss a page or suddenly have to re-publish anything in a hurry.

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