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Thread: Sales Analysis

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    Default Sales Analysis

    I have a huge past invoice file. The key features are the invoice number, item number, qty ordered, cost, price, and item class.

    I am wanting a sales analysis report that would show jan, feb, mar, apr etc. sales, cost, gross profit, units by each of the 13 classes.

    Because I want to see everything even those customers who don't have sales in each class I thought I would need to create a separate Sales Analysis file. But if you do the math I would need 624 fields. Not to mention the time that it takes to update each field from the past invoice file.

    I am sure that there is something I can do with browses. But can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: Sales Analysis

    If all 13 classes are defined in one field, then this is a classic case for CrossTab reports. Read up on that in the Help. You'd be able to get your Classes defined down the left, and your months across the top, with "analysis" (count, total, etc.) in each intersection cell. You may have to run more than one crosstab in order to get all of your measures.
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