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Thread: Error on Downloading Emails, Seemingly Caused by "DomainKey-Signature"

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    Default Error on Downloading Emails, Seemingly Caused by "DomainKey-Signature"

    I have just set up the Email feature in an A5V8 app, and all works well except for one thing.
    When I try to download mails, there are some that it seems Alpha can't handle, this leads to an error and it stops on those, the error dialogue only states "Email Error"

    When I compare the mails that are downloaded with the ones that cannot, the only difference I can see is that the ones that cause the errors seems to be the ones with a "DomainKey-Signature:" in the email's head. like this
    DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
    X-YMail-OSG: boZPj9kVM1k46jUJ6_Tn1gD._QRQpHjTrjUkOzED.1DJKZGYD0NM1NnS60MezTL6B4WEuNrRlkvYyR_ceRHjYIwp420XJDYhhbwadEdLOw--

    The emails without this "DomainKey-Signature:" seems to all work fine.

    I have included a screen shot of the list of emails I get when I use the feature "Select which e-mail messages to download"

    I have sorted the list by the "from" colum and the mails that aren't making it through are the ones at the top and the bottom of the list which In my limited knowledge, looks like giberish. I guess they look like giberish to alpha as well. All the other mails that have just plain english in the "From" colum and the "Subject" colum works fine.

    How can I rectify this?

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    Default Re: Error on Downloading Emails, Seemingly Caused by "DomainKey-Signature"

    Not that I know the answer but have you tried using a non-Alpha email client to see how it handles the same specific emails?? If a different client can download them then I would say it is either a setting or a bug in the Alpha email.
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