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Thread: Microsoft Word Merge with Word 2007

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    Default Microsoft Word Merge with Word 2007

    Before I move from MS Word 2003 to 2007, I NEED to know if A5V8's Microsoft Word Merge will work with Word 2007. I use this all the time, have tons of templates created that I use and would be totally lost without this integration.

    Has anyone tested using this on Word 2007 yet? Please let me know.

    Many thanks.
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    Default Re: Microsoft Word Merge with Word 2007

    If you don't get a reply, could you not just download a demo of Word 2007? (If such a thing exists)

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    Default Re: Microsoft Word Merge with Word 2007

    Yes it works perfectly. I passed a note to Selwyn a couple months ago about it and he planned to add "docx" to the merge template selection. I was building merge templates using a product from I really like it, uses Word 2007 as the base. Now if I could just get my client to love the Word 2007 "Ribbon" it would be a real win.
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    Default Re: Microsoft Word Merge with Word 2007


    Get your client to try "Search Commands" @

    It's an MS offshoot that explores new ideas for Office. This one allows you to just type a search in your own words for a command. Much easier than the hunt and peck method along the ribbon.

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