Hello All,
I have a detailed issue I would like help with.
We are presently using Quickbooks wholesale edition 9 at our business and we would like to enhance our reporting abilities to better control inventory, sales, POs etc…

Looking for solutions, we came across Qreportbuilder.

However, after speaking with their support team, we were unable to ascertain the key pieces of information we want to know.

Here is a brief outline of what we are trying to achieve:

Quickbooks has a built-in report called “Inventory stock status by Vendor”. Within this report, there is a column called “next delivery”, which indicates, per item, when the next date for delivery is schedule on an incoming PO.

We would like to enhance this report to allow a new column showing a “next NEXT delivery” and so forth, giving us details of incoming stock per item, in relation to the POs entered. So, for example, “next delivery” of a hat we have on order may be in 2 weeks, but another order for the same item may be coming two months after that. Is there a way to add as many future PO delivery date columns as needed with this software?

Another point we would like to see addressed relates to inventory/stock numbers. In this same report, we would like to be able to manipulate stock quantities as they are presented. For example, we may have 20 hats in stock. 5 of those hats may be on a sales order for two weeks in the future. A customer may place an order for another 30 which they want shipped in 4 months. We have 2 POs coming in with 40 hats a piece, each on different months… We would like to be able to manipulate a report so that we can see present inventory, inventory reserved, inventory lacking in relation to PO fulfillment requirements, excess inventory/exact inventory when computing incoming POs, sales order and present stock, or a number of other variables…

Although this sounds like a bad math problem, the point I am trying to make in principle is one of general flexibility with data. Quickbooks records this information, but with my small amount of programming knowledge, I do not see how the needed data is recorded in a manner in QuickBooks which would allow these sorts of reports to be pulled.

I respect that this query is somewhat complicated and detailed. Please send me any questions you have so that I can better explain our needs.