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Thread: File extensions and default directory settings

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    Default File extensions and default directory settings

    Does anyone have any documentation (that I have missed) that describes the function of each QRB file/file extension name and recommendations on storage locations? I am wanting to come up with a good system for storing multiple QB databases and QReportBuilder databases and backups etc. I see that there is a default folder for image files—what are image files? What is the function of the shared path directory. Is the default directories settings what files are stored in the Open database/New database for QReportBuilder files and should those be separate from Quickbooks databases?

    If I move QRB databases to a different directory can the system automatically find them, or can I redirect to the changed directories manually?

    Is there a way to set the default path for saving PDF files when doing a Save a report in PDF format?

    Any assistance in understanding file extensions and default directories would be appreciated.

    Keith Wilhoit

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    Default Re: File extensions and default directory settings


    QRB holds the projects in the My Documents/QReportBuilderData directory of the machine that is running QRB. It's not an option to change that location.

    The image folder settings option is one that I've not used. Perhaps someone from the Alpha 5 community can chime in and give an example of using it.
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    Default Re: File extensions and default directory settings

    I would say there are probably a few reasons one might want to change the default image folder (current db folder is default) to somewhere else. Mostly to reduce the size of the actual db is my thinking.

    Perhaps on a network where the db holds a lot of images but that they do not change very often...then a separate folder would, I think, greatly reduce the refresh time of the shadow.

    Along the same lines would be to reduce the time needed to pack/reindex/db compact.

    This is just off the top (or edge!) of my head.
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