Now with the new "Throttle User Count" you can control the number of users who can access your Alpha Five v9 Desktop applications.

One of the popular features that has characterized Alpha Five "runtimes", has been the idea of concurrent user licensing. We continue to provide this option in Alpha Five Version 9. (Details on runtime licensing: )

In version 8 and earlier versions of Alpha Five, if, for example a developer purchased a 20-user runtime license, for deploying a packaged application multiple customers, there was no easy way to "throttle" back the concurrent user count to allow the developer to offer lower priced versions of their application where fewer concurrent users at a customer site would be authorized by the developer to use the packaged software.

Using the new "Throttle USER COUNT" feature in Alpha Five v9 runtimes, it is now very easy to create different installs of your packaged application for any amount of concurrent users below the user count in the runtime you have purchased.

To illustrate this, by way of an example. You have created a Telemarketing Management Application that you want to sell to telemarketing companies. If you purchase a 20 user runtime, with Version 9 runtimes, you now can create 20, 19, 18, 17, 16 .....5, 4, 3, 2, 1 versions of your application for the various customers of your packaged application and you can set the pricing accordingly.