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Thread: Rookie xdialog question

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    Default Rookie xdialog question

    I am sorry if this is obvious, but I have looked all over. I need to change the name portion of a file, leaving the extension unchanged. I want to use an xdialog that allows the name change but shows the file extension. Here is the sample code I have so far:

    FUNCTION rename_file AS C ( )
    file_name = "testfile"
    file_ext = ".ext"

    'file rename dialog
    Filename: [128.32file_name].file_ext;
    %dlg% )
    rename_file = file_name-file_ext

    The intended result is: [testfile ].ext
    What I get is: [testfile ].file_ext

    How do I get the contents of the variable and not the variable name?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Rookie xdialog question

    Filename: [128.32file_name].[%r%file_ext];

    from the help file
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    Default Re: Rookie xdialog question


    Filename: [128.32file_name]{text=file_ext};

    Help Page
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