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Thread: Titles on Toolbars not XP

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    Default Titles on Toolbars not XP

    I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but if you float a toolbar the titlebar in ver 8 does not have the XP theme like it did in ver 7. It looks a bit blah actually. I took a peek at the xdialog and could not see that there was any setting that might have caused this.

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    Default Re: Titles on Toolbars not XP

    Hi Robin,
    Strange that noone responded to this rather easy verification...

    I just checked this out in version 8 just to verify that aspect of your question and yes, a rather "blah" looking title bar when floating--but XP theme comes back when docked anywhere. I would have no idea of what part of the toolbar xdialog represents the title bar color but maybe is easily seen...don't know if it is modifiable though. If I find anything I'll of course let you know.
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