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Thread: $ file names

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    Default $ file names

    I am sure this has been addressed some where else, but I can't figure out how to search for a $ sign.

    What causes the files with $$ in the file name?
    How do you prevent this?
    Can you safely delete them?



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    Default Re: $ file names

    Check this thread for an automatic removal script.

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    Default Re: $ file names

    There is a line in that post that should be corrected:

    IF a5.get_private_path() a5.get_exe_path()

    should be

    IF a5.get_private_path() <> a5.get_exe_path()

    I suspect this disappeared because of either this forum or, probably, the previous forum not dealing well with those "brackets".

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    Default Re: $ file names

    It sure would be nice if we weren't still dealing with these abandoned files 5 1/2 years later. And it seems to have been much longer than that, but I'm going by the date of the script that was posted instead of just guessing. I still keep finding these randomly scattered about and it seems even worse with the directory changes that were made in the name of Vista compatibility.

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