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Thread: Truncate beginning characters

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    Default Truncate beginning characters

    I'm trying to get an update to work.

    My goal is to take a character field and remove the beginning characters to reduce it down to a specific length, in my case 10 characters long..

    For example.
    123456789012 becomes 3456789012
    12345678901 becomes 2345678901

    The filed length can vary from record to record and that's the difficulty.

    The attached screen shot give you an idea of code that is mostly working but not quite. It seems to work fine for the first record but not subsequent records.

    How can I get this to work on any length field and not just a specific length field ?

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    Default Re: Truncate beginning characters

    It seems to me if you want the last 10 characters, you would use right(alltrim(data_sku),10). Is there a reason that does not work?
    Mike W
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