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Thread: <object>.property_Add() - what properties can be added?

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    Default <object>.property_Add() - what properties can be added?

    This is one of those undocumented functoins. It is mentioned in one or two places in the help such as this
    :topparent:Bmp.right_click_menu = "TheNameOfYourMenu"
    There are a few other threads that mention the use of it but not in any detail.

    I can get this to work but I don't need that. I am wondering if any one out there knows what properties can be added in the context of a form. Can we make up our own property names or do we have to use a predefined set? If they have to be predefined does anyone know what they are?

    Also does any one know what the form:<object> is used for? I thought I might be able to use it to store some custom setting info.
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    Default Re: <object>.property_Add() - what properties can be added?

    10 years later this is still a mystery!

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