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Thread: DBF or SQL at run time

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    Default DBF or SQL at run time

    Is it possible to develop/ship an application that can use either DBF files with the runtime or SQL with the run engine? We don't want to have to maintain 2 totally separate lots of source code but we sell into 2 markets, the lower end of which is very price-conscious so we would like to supply a stripped down version for them (features turned off by code), using DBF files. We also have clients who want an SQL backend and will quite happily pay more for that. We envisage separate data access routines would be required, controlled by the version which is installed but other than that all internal coding would be one. Can this be done?


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    Default Re: DBF or SQL at run time

    Hi David,

    My first reaction is to have two different applications. One for each flavour.

    I'm not quite sure how you would ship an application that needs to be connected to an SQL back end without building it already connected.

    I will be interested in other users replies.
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