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Thread: Porting a desktop application to the web

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    Default Porting a desktop application to the web

    I have a desktop application I built that manages a bunch of diverse utility company locations we maintain (landscaping). Each site has typical information you'd expect that should be no problem to port to the web version of the application. However, there are two aspects that might be an issue. One is an image of the site (aerial photo) that I've put into an image field. The other is a button that spawns Internet Explorer with a google map of the location. Regarding the image, I do have a field with a file link (still have it) to the image file but moved every thing to the new image field so I could easily install it in separate offices (file links involved resolving hard coded directory pointers.) I also tried the new form control that has the pre-built google map link but this made the whole application run at a crawl. It's like loading one web page for every record in the database (240) so I opted for the form button that spawns Internet Explorer and passes the longitude and latitude record variables to the google map link. Users can optionally do this if they want to see a map.

    Questions: How do I change this application so it would work cleanly from the web? Also, how do I format everything to work well on blackberry devices?

    One more thing, has anybody out there created a javascript google map? I'm very interested in this for the web version of my application. It seems to be doable with it appearing in a pop-up window. The reason I'm interested in this is that it is a much cleaner map based on the information from the google site (without side bars and bubble pointers.)

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    Default Re: Porting a desktop application to the web

    You might want to store the images in a table, that way there is no confusion about file paths and you can use image fields for DBF tables and SQL tables alike in web grids :)

    Also, for the Google Map - you might want to check google's website about the Google Map API because without some coding in that you can't use it without the side bars as far as I'm aware...

    At any rate, you can just have a link field in a grid that is calculated exactly the same way as the desktop link to Google Maps, perhaps with a "View map" icon of your choice, pretty straightforward as you'll only be displaying the link for existing records rather than calculate it "on the fly" (like in the "Get a Google Map!" example here which uses AJAX:
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