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Thread: Application 11-Pack Software

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    Ron Elliott
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    Sep 2008

    Default Application 11-Pack Software

    I was wondering if anyone still has a copy of the diskette with the Application 11-Pack software on it that they would be willing to share. This was software that was available with the early versions of Alpha Five that I had purchased. There were 6 business applications and 5 home use applications developed in Alpha Five that were on this diskette. Over the years I have cleaned out all of my diskettes and unfortunately, I did not copy these files to a CD first.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

    Ron Elliott

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    Dick Hughes
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    Jul 2002

    Default Re: Application 11-Pack Software

    Hi Ron

    I've zipped the file & hopefully I've successfully attached it to this msg.
    I've not used the forum to communicate before responding to you.
    I believe you need A5V1 to run this software.
    And I think I remember that a package you describe was offered, but that it was a separate purchase, which I didn't.
    I don't have any files from A5 V2 - V4.

    Good luck, Dick

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    Barry Kucher
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    Jul 2006

    Default Re: Application 11-Pack Software

    I don't remember the 11-Pack Software offer. I did purchase an offer I think with A5V5 which included 3 alpha applications. It came with:

    Time Billing
    Order Entry
    Contact Manager

    You would then need a Serial # to access the applications. I have uploaded it, I hope it helps.

    Barry Kucher

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