I'm just getting started with mySQL as a backend, and I need help with connecting to the database on the server.

On my local machine, I created a connection string using Localhost as the server, root as the user, and a password. That works fine to run against the SQL running on my local machine

I have just installed mySQL on my hosted server and have re-created the database there. Now I need to create a DAO connection string that I can use with my published pages. The examples, videos and help never discuss this part.

So far, based on what I do with dbf, I've created another profile and I'm guessing I need another DAO connection string. I'm guessing that I need to publish using that profile. But, since the web server and the SQL server are on the same server, should that also be a localhost string? Should that also be a user "root" and the same password, or do I need to create more passwords?

My broadband carrier, Verizon, doesn't allow me to use port 3306 to connect my local machine to the remote SQL database, so I'm having trouble testing.

Does someone have some advice?