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Thread: Changing a field color in the web app

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    Default Changing a field color in the web app

    I have 2 fields,
    - Field One charater has project name
    - Field Two character, has 3 options 1,2 and 3 (drop down)

    I would like field one to change color when a person changes the settings in field 2 in a web app, is that possible. It is very easy in Alpha5 app itself, but I would like it to work in the web app.


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    Default Re: Changing a field color in the web app

    Yes. To do this, use a custom control. Here's an example definition for a field that is Red/ Yellow / Green based on status. The picture shows the result.

    function ICA_Status_render as c (data as p, args as p, PageVars as p)
    with PageVars
    on error goto ICA_Status_xbasicError
        case data.ICA_Status = "Complete"
      ICA_Status_render = <<%html%
      <div style="background-color:#008000;color:#ffffff;">Complete <br>%html%+Data.ICA_By+"</div>"
     case data.ICA_Status = "Urgent"
      ICA_Status_render = <<%html%
      <div style="background-color:#ffff00;color:#000000;">Urgent <br>%html%+Data.ICA_BY+"</div>"
     case data.ICA_Status = "Overdue"
      ICA_Status_render = <<%html%
      <div style="background-color:#ff0000;color:#ffffff;">Overdue <br>%html%+Data.ICA_BY+"</div>"
    end select
    ICA_Status_render = "Error in custom control xbasic: " + error_text_get()
    end with
    end function

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