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Thread: "Print" Button Acting Strange

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    Default "Print" Button Acting Strange

    I have a "Print" button, on one of my pages, that looks like this:

    <p align=center><form method="post"
    action="javascript:window.print()" name="foo">
    <p align=center><button id="button_adv1" name="button_adv1">
    <div align=left><strong><font

    Summary page

    On my computer, a "Print" dialog pops up, and I can print it with no problem, but on my client's computers, a Huge file is generated, and he waits forever for it to print.

    Is there something missing from my "Print" button?
    Is there something set differently in my browser or my printer?

    Please help...

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    Default Re: "Print" Button Acting Strange

    I guess it depends what printer and printer settings your client has set as the default. I believe it uses the client computer's default printer and printer settings for this.

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