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Thread: web component update settings

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    Default web component update settings

    can you update more than one table alias and field at a time?
    for example , I have an inventory table and product table. as we enter product for the first time, we want to update the inventory table as well.

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    Default Re: web component update settings

    Hope I'm reading this right,

    But if you build a grid compound based on a view instead of a table you may have two or more component/tables in the grid at a time.

    Thus when you Delete/Modify/Insert all associated information eg data and links will be passed, with one click.

    The overwhelming factor in this is good database design so there are valid links, etc eliminating any form of integrity areas.

    So far I have presumed that the desktop sets are akin to the web views
    Hope I'm not wrong or some of my apps will stop working. :-)

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