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Thread: Opening a Form or Browse from a comboBox

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    Default Opening a Form or Browse from a comboBox


    This is really my first experiment with A5.
    I imported some data from another database ...went fine.

    I created a form, called frmJobs_review.

    Onto that form I dropped a ComboBox and made it so it displays a list of Job Numbers. on its

    I then created an action called :Open Default Form or Browse
    On "Layout Name" I chose Browse.
    On 'Advanced' tab I accepted the default Pointer called varP_frmJobs_review.

    Then I selected:
    'Records that match the value in a control on the current Form or Report'

    and under Filter: I selected..
    Value in field = 'Job Number'
    and under 'matches the value in the control': Dropdown 1 (the combobox on the form).

    I figured that when I selct a job number from the combobox a browse would pop up , showing all the fields from that particular job, instead I keep on getting a messagebox popping up saying "No records in query". Yet there have to be records as there would not be a Serial number in the jobs table unless it has had a job on it.

    Also whenever I go to the combobox properties it keeps saying under the Field Description, Field..."Missing or invalid Keyword" yet A5 has generated every bit of writing in the properties box?

    Editing as I just noticed the same thing occuring when I open the AlphaSports database and right click and look at the properties for any control on the form in design mode. I'm using 1772:3208.

    Thanks for any assistance

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    Default Re: Opening a Form or Browse from a comboBox

    This shouldn't be hard to unscramble. Zip the database and attach it to a reply here, using the "Go Advanced" editor and the "Manage Attachments" option that the advanced editor offers. If there are more than one form or browse leave a trail of breadcrumbs so we can find the issue you're seeing.

    I also note that your build is a bit out of date. You might consider updating.

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    Default Re: Opening a Form or Browse from a comboBox

    Hi Tom

    Althopugh I had the issue with AlphaSports where it said "Missing or invalid keyword", when I tried to create a new form in AlphaSports and doing exactly what I did on my own database ie the same dropdown combobox and the same Open Browse action, it worked fine. So I ended up shutting Alpha down as it kept on bringing up the 'create X-Basic code window every time I selected use the Action Genie. After I rebooted my form worked fine.. That's on a pc running Windows Vista.

    Yes my version is out of data as read on here that there had been issues with some builds recently so decided to leave it until sorted.

    Cheers and Thanks

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