I have a grid with job materials for manufacturing which has operation numbers. I have to run a Left outer join to get the link to another table using these operation numbers. Small query below.

SELECT jm.job, jm.oper_num AS OperNum, jm.sequence, wc.description AS WCDescription, jm.item, jm.description, jm.u_m, jm.matl_qty_conv
FROM (jobmatl jm
LEFT OUTER JOIN jobroute jr
ON ((jm.job = jr.job) AND (jm.oper_num = jr.oper_num))
ON (jr.wc = wc.wc))
WHERE (jm.job = :Job)
ORDER BY jm.oper_num, jm.sequence
As you can see, I have created an alias for the Operation Number I wish to return OperNum. In the grid I have a quick search, just to filter that operation number and it returns nothing. I tried operation number that I know exist and still no results. jm.oper_num is an integer and that is what I am putting in the search field and it returns nothing.

Can anyone assist with the brain block that I have?