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Thread: image low quality in report (letter)

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    Default image low quality in report (letter)

    Hi all,

    I'm creating a letter that contains an image inside it. The letter is going to be used in a web application. I'm using report.saveas() function to save this letter to .pdf file, then user can open the file on his computer. Somehow all images that are used in the letter are converted to pdf in a very low quality.

    When I generate the letter from desktop and choose "Save to pdf" option there is a possibility to change JPG images quality. By default I have "LOW" there. May be this is the reason? If yes, how can I change it to be "High" or "Middle" in saveas() function or by default if the first is not possible?

    Thank you for your help,

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    Default Re: image low quality in report (letter)

    The JPEG image resolution is not listed as one of the options to change via the letter.saveas() function, but when you are presented with the options in the dialog box that opens when saving a letter as a PDF (the link to the right that says "Click to set pdf options"), go into the options and set your resolution to what you want.....then look at the lower left of the dialog box and you will see another blue link called "Save as default" . Click on that.
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