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Thread: Fonts - Which ones - what size - how to specify

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    Default Fonts - Which ones - what size - how to specify

    I am making an application where I want to get as much data on the screen as possible. I want to use fonts that are small but not too small.

    I am looking for opinions on the following:
    Which fonts are best for grids with lots of data
    How small can the font be and still be reasonable to read
    How do you prefer to specify font size? Alpha lets you specify it in pts, px, em, in, % etc...

    I am targeting my site for 1024 x 768 resolution screens
    Using about 936 pixels for the width of my grid.

    If you have sites you can steer me to that show what you did that would help too.

    Thank you


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    Default Re: Fonts - Which ones - what size - how to specify

    Read up on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets):

    As far as fonts are concerned, you have to remember that certain fonts are specific to say Windows, or to people who have bought the font or own MS Office etc. (Calibri is such an example), so it always pays to specify several fonts in order of preference, and check what the site looks like in each, to ensure the different fonts do not affect the size or proportion of the page too much.

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