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Thread: Support for Alpha 5 version 5

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    Default Support for Alpha 5 version 5

    Is Alpha Five version 5 still being supported? I have a disk that came with a magazine but have not got the licence number. Is it possible for someone to help here?
    Thank you


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    Default Re: Support for Alpha 5 version 5

    Probably not on the weekend. Try contacting Customer Service at Alpha Software. I don't think they're still selling it, so I would not be surprised if you encounter a bit of difficulty if you're trying to acquire a new license. On the other hand, if you've simply lost a previously issued license I think they'll be able to help you.

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    Default Re: Support for Alpha 5 version 5

    Stan Mathews' advice on a similar question you had a while back,
    A good friend gave me a disk containing Alpha Five Version 5. If so, how do I get the licence number it's looking for?
    was very similar to what Tom just said--nothing has changed as far as I see except (possibly) the source of the disc.

    Have you contacted Alpha in regard to this since your first question on this? If so what did they tell you?
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