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Thread: Capturing from image

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    Default Capturing from image

    We want to build an application where homeworkers can capture addresses from scanned images. Can anyone give us some hints how to build such applications particularly how to display the images within a form ?

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    Default Re: Capturing from image

    If you just want to display an image on the web, check out the samples that ship with Alpha5 (assuming there are any in old versions like V7).

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    Default Re: Capturing from image

    The easiest way to display an image is to use a character field that includes the full url of the image, like
    Then select control type image for this field and the image will display on your grid. See also this post for some tips on linking using images on a grid:
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    Default Re: Capturing from image

    We tend not to discuss ethics on this forum, but are you planning to scrape email and other contact information from various/random websites for marketing purposes?
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