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Thread: "Failed to Save Document" Insight

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    Default "Failed to Save Document" Insight

    I was receiving the "Failed to Save Document" error immediately after logging in to my app. I had other users log in from their machines and there was no error for them. In reading some of the older threads, the popular theories involved a bad path to the adb or startup file needing to have paths removed. This seemed strange to me since I had changed nothing and this just started on my machine suddenly and for no apparent reason.

    Here's what fixed it. On a different machine a user logged in using my ID and password. The error message DID NOT appear on their machine. I went back to my machine, logged in, and the error spontaneously disappeared!

    Can one of you Alpha gurus explain what happened?


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    Default Re: "Failed to Save Document" Insight

    I've seen this some times when 2 people are attempting to load at the same time, one will get the app, the other a message. If you had it open for modification on your machine when you tried to open it, the message could also appear.


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    Default Re: "Failed to Save Document" Insight

    windows file permissions.....
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