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Thread: What about an Enterprise Strength Database for Alpha?

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    Default What about an Enterprise Strength Database for Alpha?

    It seems strange that Alpha Software have not considered producing an Enterprise Strength Database option for there application. I’m sure that a lot of Alpha users would welcome such a move. I understand this would present a massive undertaking for the team at Alpha Software but I believe that this would both be a strategic and tactical advantage and would consolidate their customer base.

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    Default Re: What about an Enterprise Strength Database for Alpha?

    I do not think so.
    The development of such a database engine is way to big an investment for a small company like Alpha Software.
    Furthermore, they would have to compete against large competitors that already have there feet in the market like the well known Oracle and SQL products.
    It is a far better strategy to use the latter engines by making nice natural connections to them, hence also protecting the investments of their customers in those Oracle and SQL products.
    Besides, the Alpha Team has way enough on their hands in developing the future of their Database Product.

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    Default Re: What about an Enterprise Strength Database for Alpha?

    I also agree that Alpha should not squander its development resources by creating its own enterprise strength database, when satisfactory alternatives already exist and can be used by Alpha Five.

    For new customers who are seeking an enterprise caliber development tool, I think the more serious problem is Alpha's incompatibility with industry standard ActiveX/.net controls.

    Again, Alpha is big enough to afford to develop all the controls that users may need. And, of course, there are lots more control vendors out there than enterprise database vendors. But this is where enterprise developers are hitting the wall. Alpha's controls are adequate in most respects, but commerical quality applications today demand more and better controls than Alpha offers natively.

    Recently, Alpha commissioned a competitve analysis of how it stacks up against its perceived competitors. If compares itself to Access and Filemaker, both positioned as "easy to use tools". Alpha claims in that analysis that it has ActiveX compatibility. It rates itself and Access as YES for this feature and the other products as NO.

    For anyone who has worked with this product for a while probably knows, this grid is misleading. Only Microsoft Access easily works with the majority of ActiveX controls on the market today. What my real problem is that ease of use aside, Alpha Five simply does NOT work with a lot of ActiveX controls controls on the market. So if Alpha were being truthful, the answer should be MAYBE IF YOU ARE LUCKY.

    So if Alpha Five makes it fairly painless to look up to a SQLServer database, why do they make it so hard to use ActiveX controls from such leading vendors as Infragisitcs, Codejock, Developers Express, or DBI Tech?

    This lack of compatability with third party controls and its inability to support the drag and drop capability offered by many such controls, greatly limits Alpha's suitability for enterprise caliber application development.

    Bob McGaffic

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    Default Re: What about an Enterprise Strength Database for Alpha?

    There are so many great database engine options in the universe.
    It wouldn't help the Alpha world.

    This company needs to stay focused on - continuing to grow the capabilities of the web side.
    Frank R

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