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Thread: The word "groupno" is a keyword or not?

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    Default The word "groupno" is a keyword or not?


    Would like to ask whether the word "groupno" is a keyword or not?

    My entire module of an ERP project i am using the term "groupno" as a hidden variable. The module was working fine.

    In between i was in a trouble regarding "500 internal server error which i highlighted in my earlier posts" to get rid of the "500 internal server error" i updated my alphafive with latest patches. After i updated the patches i am getting the following error in one particular modules which i am using the "groupno" as variable.

    ""Script Error
    Error:Script: /LivePreview/Lakydele_LivePreview.a5w line:74
    x_out = a5w_run_Component(tmpl) 'SYSTEM GENERATED COMMENT - PLEASE DO NOT REMOV
    Argument is incorrect data type"

    I tried to create a new component and created a texbox with name "groupno" one i click the live preview again iam getting the above error.

    Now the entire module is not working and my client is very much worried. I am in search of an immediate solution.

    Nearly 1000 peoples are using this module.

    Now it is impossible for me to change the entire module variable name.

    Please have a look at the attachment.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: The word "groupno" is a keyword or not?

    "groupno" is not used as a system variable. The error indicates some argument or variable has been typed somewhere and conflicts with some other variable or object. The error can also occur for unrelated failures in the code to create the dialog or in some error or conflict in the component event code.

    Since this is just a dialog, copy it to a new database and see if the same error occurs in the new database. Also test the dialog without any event code to establish if the error is caused by event code.

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