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Thread: How to proceed?

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    Default How to proceed?

    I've been working on designing a database for a small non-profit for several months. I believe I've come up with a sound structure, but I'm getting stalled on the technical aspects of execution. Would it make sense to hire a pro to look at what I've done so far and give an estimate on the cost to complete it? And if that's a good plan, how would I find and select such a person, and what should I expect to pay?

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    Default Re: How to proceed?

    I am not a professional database developer so my comments are based on limited knowledge of how the whole process works. However, I am a professional and operate a small retail and service business in my community. I have been wrestling with this question for years. Should I hire a professional developer to help me finish my database?

    For me it always seems to come down to two things - control and cost. Sometimes I have the money and get really close to hiring a pro, but then I get cold feet and fear losing control. Right now, I have no money so I have to do it myself anyway. I've got control but sometimes lack the skill to produce what I see in my head. I have learned to compromise and accept what I can produce until I can finally afford to get the help of a pro.

    As a non-profit I would imagine that cost will be the biggest factor for you, assuming you can manage to do some development yourself. If you have no programming skills and can't even create a moderately useful application then you will have to hire a pro. Knowing what you want is important. If you know how to write contracts and negotiate you may be able to find a professional developer who will agree to your terms and give you decent results.

    One thing I am considering is hiring professional to use my software and leave me with a modifiable application that I own and can modify as I see fit. The problem with this is finding a competent programmer with whom I can work, with me having the control and the developer having the skills. Haven't found anyone like that yet but I also haven't done a comprehensive search. There may be some hope for this through Alpha Software. They seem to have a program that may work for me. All I have to do now is come up with the funds to pay for it!

    With Alpha Five, I would forge ahead and start implementing your design and see what you can do. I have created a remarkably useful application even though I am not a "real" programmer (I don't do code). You may be able to do this yourself. But if you have the money and don't care about total control over the solution you should consider hiring a pro.


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