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    I'm new to Alpha Five (convert from Borland's Delphi). How do I access the objects contained in Form? I am trying to convert an old standby function I developed in Delphi. This function reads Colors, fonts, backgrounds, title fonts ect from a template from and uses those colors for all forms in the application. To do this I need to drill down into objects of the container group. I have not been able to locate anything that looks like the Delphi 'Items' container property. I know that I have to change my mindset radically but a container is a container is a container as they say. Any help would be appreciated.

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    This is the web forum, do you mean "<div>"?

    If you meant to ask about web development then maybe read up on CSS and JavaScript/AJAX.

    If not, maybe it might be easier for you to learn about Alpha5's methods and features in the help files etc. (you can generate code to access and edit object properties in the desktop by using the relevant genie for example) before you try to do things in the same way that you have done in Delphi. Even just searching the help files for "container" produced this for example:

    However, I am not sure this outdated approach is really useful. It can make things very hard if you keep trying to do things exactly like you do them in an other tool/language, a lot of stuff is much easier than you expect but far harder if you keep trying to force old working methods onto a tool you are new to. Why not convert the template form to a style sheet for example?

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    If this is a desktop question then I think Stylesheets is what is is one link to a help file. Do an online help file search for the word Stylesheets and more will be seen.
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