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Thread: A5V10 dates

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    Default A5V10 dates

    Any idea, what date V10 will be available to purchase (at least the beta version)?

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    Default Re: A5V10 dates

    v10 will be ready when its ready if past versions are an it is still in beta testing way too early to plan on using v10 I would think. And v9 is hopefully still going to need a patch (or 2!!) before v10 comes out.

    Or would you prefer to have Alpha sell a version that has had only preliminary testing?? I could not even fathom how many more issues would have had to be submitted for v9 if they had started selling it at the point v10 is most likely at currently.

    You could possibly become one of the beta testers by submitting the required info to Alpha...a very recent thread and others have a link to do this.
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    Default Re: A5V10 dates


    Below please see what Richard has said in another thread please review this thread.
    "Late June is possible but our goal is to get enough feedback from beta users to ensure that we have a truly exciting launch. So...for planning purposes think "sometime this summer"

    We will keep you updated.

    Richard Rabins
    Co Chairman
    Alpha Software "

    Review the videos from that thread and you will see how far along they are.
    Nicholas Wieland

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