I have a view including 5 tables, from which I have chosen date fields (d) and their associated event fields (c). I need to accomplish the following:

1. Filter all the dates so that the user sees only those dates and events that meet the filter criteria for each grid, such as all rents or other payables, or projects overdue by 30+, due within 30 days, 60 days, etc. Each date filtered grid will become a component in a tabbed grid linker.

2. Include code in the filter to exclude "blank" events from populating the grid. I mean, if a location being reported has a rent overdue, but no projects or other payables also overdue, I only want the event that meets the filter criteria (rent overdue in this example) to appear.

My objective is to have a page (a project/budget management system essentially) showing the user their overdue and approaching dates gleaned from all tables and then allowing them to choose their day's priorities based on that.

I have constructed tables, components and pages and I know how to filter dates or subject them to date range selections. What I don't know, among a great many other things, is (a) how to say to the a5v9, "filter all dates in the database and give me their associated events", and (b) "No, I don't want to see an event unless their is a filtered date associated".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So, how do I accomplish this?