I wonder if it is possible to write the settings to a text file (via xbasic) and then reset them (via xbasic) from the text file

here is the scenario - you have a client with 50 workstations
you go to each workstation and set the connection strings

but on YOUR development computer, because those connection strings are not available, you make them for your own environment for testing. Then you later copy bach to the client and refresh the shadow - and boom, you have lost all of the connection setting on all 50 work stations

one very simple way might be to make them for one workstation - save the alpha key, and then in the autoexec run the saved key for each workstation

or read the text file and reset them from that

I'm not sure the settings are in the registry, but rather with the table itself, since the shadow refresh blows them out

if one could enumerate all active link tables, get their properties, save to a text file, and then redo them from the text file after shadowing, it might work

otherwise, in real life, it is a super major hassle