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Thread: "Can't read that many bytes"

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    Default "Can't read that many bytes"

    Hi All

    I originally posted this in the A5V8 forum but the problem seems to be identical in A5V9 ... and therefore even more relevant as this is the 'supported' version of A5.

    Just playing with the built in A5 email client using only Action Scripting. I can send an email using a modal dialog box, but as soon as I attach a file I get the error "Can't read that many bytes."

    It is my laptop running Vista that gives this error. On a WinXP PC the application works okay.

    If I change the Action Scripting for the OnPush event of the "Email Selected File" button to not display a dialog box but just send a message and confirm sending, I get the same error but am informed it relates to line 27 of Xbasic that only has 20 lines!!

    Application is attached. Any thoughts?

    I would welcome an explanation and workaround as my customers are increasingly having to go over to Vista.

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: "Can't read that many bytes"

    One thought would be to report as a bug. Not much time to get bugs fixed in V9 before V10 is released.

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