Dear All , I am a newbie to Alpha5(Platinum Edition) and trying to figure out how I can populate the value in dependent fields. To explain ..

>> I have Sales Order Amount captured in non USD currencies meaning I capture the $value (100$) followed by it's currency (AUD) in two fields
>> Also have associated exchg rate conversions captured in separate Currencies table (AUD to USD for that given month is 0.80.
>> Now when I navigate out of the Currency field I need to populate it's USD$ equivalent automatically.

Coming from different database background, I know the select should frame the below statement

SELECT exchg rate*$Value into USD$ field FROM curr_conv table
WHERE system_date between start_month_date and end_month_date AND from_currency = :$field_value AND to_currency = 'USD'.

The clarification which I need is where I should script this kind of a code to successfully view my USD$ value.

Thks in advance