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Thread: Adding users to security V-10

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    Default Adding users to security V-10

    Can you add users to security using the new V-10 ajax enabled grids?
    It seems to me that there is a lot of hand coding to do this with a dialog component.

    If you can add a new customer (record to a table ) with a grid component
    than why not users and groups?

    Is this possible? The obvious barrier I see is that the security tables are hidden. I guess this would compromise security?

    I am approaching this in a way that allows a user to add themselves through a registration process. I reviewed the Alpha sports dialog components.
    This seems much more difficult then the code free grids.

    My application will have more than one type of user. Customer, Vendor ect... . These parties all will be able to self register. Their info will be stored in different tables depending on their role within the application.
    Bobby Rookie

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    Default Re: Adding users to security V-10

    Administering a User normally involves TWO tables, not just the hidden websecurity_users table. You save basic security parameters to Alpha's table, and personal information to your own Users table. Because of that, I've always used a Dialog to Add users. Once the user's two records are created, I use a grid to manage the local information, and a Dialog to manage their security information. I'm sure you could use a Grid Events to do these functions, but I've never tried.

    It's pretty easy to remove users from both tables with a Grid that is a view of the local Users table, with this code in the A5W page:

    dim chkrows as n

    with tmpl_userlist
    componentName = "userlist"
    chkrows = rows
    end with

    dim deletelist as c
    for i = 1 to chkrows
    if eval_valid("V.R"+alltrim(str(i))+".CheckBox_Delete") = .T. 'delete checked
    deletelist = deletelist + eval("V.R"+alltrim(str(i))+".userid") + crlf() ' assuming the field was named 'ulink'
    end if

    for each foo in deletelist
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    Default Re: Adding users to security V-10

    Thank you Steve. I will ck it out.

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