I use what I think is a standard technique for opening a new form with some fields populated from the old form - get text properties of a few fields from form 1, open form 2 as hidden, set the text properties of the corresponding fields in form 2, acivate form 2. Works fine, I use it in many places in my application. But just for one particular form, I get the message "This layout does not allow data to be changed". I've checked everything I can think of - mode, read only settings on fields etc etc. So I thought I would tackle the issue another way. I figured if I could make the error happen in an example, I could track down the problem. So I built an example, with some very simple forms, which of course worked OK. Now I am trying to make the example come up with the same error, by setting everything I can think of to create a situation where the error should show up. So far, nothing. Whatever I set up to make the problem happen - set modal, read-only etc etc - nothing produces the error message. Any idea what might produce this particular error message, so I can try to make it happen??