We are offering an in-person developer training seminar for Alpha Five v10 in Burlington MA next month.

The training will be conducted by the Alpha Five v10 development team and is designed to impart a deep understanding of the speed of development, the power and the flexibility that is inherent in Alpha Five v10.

The seminar will also represent an opportunity to meet other like-minded developers in a relaxed setting.

Please click this link below for information and to register. The training seminar is at the Hilton Garden Inn, Burlington MA and we have arranged for discounted rates at the same hotel.

If you are considering attending - please sign up as soon as possible, because the training facility has a fixed capacity and we are close to 80% of room capacity at this stage.

Richard Rabins
Co Chairman

P.S. If you have registered but not yet paid, please click here to make payment and confirm your registration https://www.alphasoftware.com/shop/i...asp?PRODID=787