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Thread: Converting field of type Time to Character

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    Default Converting field of type Time to Character


    I have an Passive Link table hooked up to a DB2 table that contains one or more fields of type TIME. I want to append records from the Passive Link table into a second table called WORK. The WORK table contains a field of type CHARACTER that I want to hold the value of one of the TIME fields from the Passive Link table.

    I am looking for a function that will convert the TIME field value into a CHARACTER field. I can't find one. So far the only thing I have found that will work is a work around. I can EXPORT the Passive Link table data to an ASC file and then import it. The TIME fields import as CHARACTER fields. I sure would like to avoid this step.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Default Re: Converting field of type Time to Character

    where are you looking? :)

    ctime() is one that will convert time to character---toward the top of the list in the help file when looking at the date and time functions.

    To get it into a specific format you may have to then check out the character functions such as substr() and concatenate it into whatever you want. May be a function to do it but didn't look beyond your question really.
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