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Thread: First Question here - Unsure how to approach this

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    Default First Question here - Unsure how to approach this

    Hi All. I have previous background with Lotus Notes, Lotus Approach (and dbase in the old days), but am relatively new to Alpha 5.

    I am totally not sure how to approach this, and hope you can provide some pointers. I have an application that relates to a "set of services" that get assigned for clients based on a protocol. I need to be able to select a set of clients, (vehicle owners), and select a protocol (set of services) that go with a particular visit; and then generate a TASK LIST that combines the two.

    Think of the task list that you need to generate for a mechanic during a client's service call for a vehicle.

    So here's what I've got so far:

    tbl_PROTOCOL has a list of protocols (set of services, like what a dealership might do on different oil changes). It has 3 fields:
    Protocol | Task | Type
    A | TEST1 | Short
    A | TEST2 | quick
    B | Test 2 | detailed

    tbl_Client has a list a clients, where each client has a unique ID #
    There are a couple thousand clients

    What I need to do is have a way of
    a - Selecting up to 50 to 200 clients,
    b - Selecting the applicable Protocol (need 1 protocol only at a time)
    c - Generating the task list for the service staff [which is the cross of Protocol services, applied to the clients selected]

    The end "TASKS" table would look like:
    111222 Client123 TEST1 SHORT
    111222 Client123 TEST2 QUICK
    111222 Client123 TEST3 DETAILED
    111223 Client455 TEST1 SHORT
    111223 Client455 TEST2 SHORT1

    I will also have other fields in the TASKS list that will identify whether task duration, whether it was completed, and so on.

    Any pointers on how to generate the TASKLIST would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm not at all familiar with XBasic and don't know if that would be needed in this situation.

    Luis Rodrigues
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    Default Re: First Question here - Unsure how to approach this

    Check out this thread about joining unrelated tables.
    There can be only one.

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