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Thread: Alpha Five Developer needed, NYC

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    Default Alpha Five Developer needed, NYC

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this.

    Our consultant is increasingly difficult to find time with, so we are searching for someone near the New York City Midtown area that can help with our database when problems occur or changes are necessary.

    Please Email if you fit the description.

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    Default Re: Alpha Five Developer needed, NYC

    On this same topic, my organization is now embarking on a web application using Alpha 5 and we have a similar concern, hence the reason I attached to this thread.

    While my ability to design and maintain the system will accomplish the task, we must answer a question before proceeding.

    ---WHO can take over the product should something happen to me?

    Whether it is job loss, illness or something catastrophic, they are rightfully concerned that the product can continue to operate and the business function without me. Even if Alpha closes shop (as with Approach) the software will continue to do its job. My Approach app has been running for 9 years with little support!

    We are searching for a/some developers who would be willing to back us up. Details, code copies, pricing can all be hashed when someone steps to the plate.

    If you do not want to reply on thread to this - please e-mail directly to me at
    David Shaw
    Manager of Media Services and User Support
    Cleveland Museum of Art
    Cleveland, Ohio

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    Default Re: Alpha Five Developer needed, NYC

    Join IADN where our mission includes:

    Client says "What if you get hit by a bus?" or you say "I just won the lottery and don't really want to work on these little projects anymore".

    And also Escrow where we take a copy of your code plus instructions and hold it, only to release to designated parties under specific circumstances. That plus hook up with other developers who can back you up on vacation or for mentoring, programming, etc.
    Steve Wood
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