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Thread: Xml support in V10

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    George R. Kenney
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    Jul 2005

    Default Xml support in V10

    I am wondering if there will be more xml support in V10
    and what it might be. I would hope to be able to import
    and export as well as store xml documents and have data
    interact with those documents. I know some have shown
    programming solutions but what about compatability with
    xml like Access. The other day I tried to do something
    as a beginner in access which was put relational data
    on a tabbed control this turned into a nightmare I will
    never work with Access. To put a button on the form it
    seems you need to know vb. Talk about not intuitive.
    anyway hope someone can tell me good news about V10 and
    George R. Kenney

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    Gregory Wood
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    Jun 2008
    Odessa, TX

    Default Re: Xml support in V10

    I believe the short answer is 'no' BUT Alpha will generate csv or excel files.

    The code generated from v10 (beta) is designed around AJAX. The two methods do no appear compatible.

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    Real Name
    George R. Kenney
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    Jul 2005

    Default Re: Xml support in V10

    Thanks GregoryCW for your response
    I will keep wishing and
    try to figure out work arounds
    I have seen xml generators
    for dbf files but I don´t
    know that alpha can´t do the
    same thing programatically.
    As has been demonstrated in
    various threads. I just thought
    that if Alpha was going to go
    to the trouble to upgrade to a
    new version they might have made
    some improvements I hadn`t heard
    Thanks again
    George Kenney

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