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Thread: Cost to customer?

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    Default Cost to customer?

    First time that I've created an app for anyone but myself - need to understand the software requirements for the customer so that I can understand the cost. I have an alpha5v9 Platinum license and a 2nd Enterprise license (not sure what the difference is between the two - I wanted a 2nd license so took them up on the latest deal they had). I also have an unlimited runtime license.

    This is a very tiny (6 tables) desktop application. There are 5 people who will use it but most likely only 2 concurrently.

    I am thinking I convert this to a runtime license and install a shadow db on each machine where it will be used.

    What is the difference between platinum and enterprise license?
    Do I need to purchase additional licenses for the customer? If so - what?
    What is the difference between runtime and runtime plus - except that runtime cannot import data? Can runtime run reports? Can runtime do email? Can runtime use PDF output? (They have a future request to email reports to their customers)

    Just looking for now for something to get them started and get them off of an old gwbasic app.

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    Default Re: Cost to customer?

    Check out this from Alpha's website:

    As you can see, you can do everything in the runtime (INCLUDING importing) except you can not use active link tables which from the sounds of it you are not. The rest is pretty self explanatory in the above link.

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