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Thread: Determine the Version / Build number

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    Default Determine the Version / Build number

    I have updated a minor change in a report menu for my customer. Created with A5V8. I made her application in 2007 and it has been running without any problems or my interference ever since. Problem is, I did not make a note of the last Version / Build number for her application. In the meantime I lost my A5V8 developing program (PC crash), actually I then gave it up and bought the A5V9 version. Luckily, her last application has a backup feature for both her data files AND the application itself. That's why I have been able to modify it. My customers Runtime version gives of course a clue, that is A5V8 1965_3156 and I guess that is the version I created her application with, but how can I be sure?
    Regards from Norway, Hans Otto

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    Default Re: Determine the Version / Build number

    The links shown below will take you to the alpha web help file on the Version() and a5_system_addin_version() function. They will give you what you want.

    For the version() function

    For the A5_system_addin_version() function

    Tom Baker

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    Default Re: Determine the Version / Build number

    Hi Hans,

    Contact Sales at Alpha, they should be able to help get your original order.
    Keith Hubert
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