Announcing the A5/FusionCharts Genie
Codeless FusionCharts for your Alpha Five Database
From Steve Workings

I am proud to announce that the A5/FusionCharts Genie is ready for purchase.

If you've wanted to put charts on your Alpha Five web pages or forms, but were stopped with all the coding involved, then this Genie is for you.

The A5/FusionCharts Genie helps Alpha Five users create FusionCharts that can be integrated with Alpha Five databases. The primary method of integration is the production of code for use in .A5W pages, which can then be displayed in a web application and on desktop forms.

Codeless FusionCharts for your Alpha Five database!

Here is the A5/FusionCharts Web Page where you'll find a full description, plenty of helpful videos and more.

The Genie is for sale for $69.00 at the IADN Store. You have unlimited use of the Genie, across as many databases, websites or other Alpha Five applications you have.

This has been tested with A5 versions 9 and 10. It should also work with version 8. Many of the techniques for display demonstrated in the videos use version 10 features.